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About Deborah Cole

Deborah's grandma was a piano teacher and an excellent musician. She had always wanted Deborah to play but it wasn't until middle school that Deborah went to her parents and said that she had decided to learn how to play the piano. Once she started playing, she never looked back.

Following in her mother and older sisters' footsteps, Deborah also learned how to sing starting at a young age. She has continued to play the piano and sing in multiple capacities, and she currently attends The King's University in Southlake where she is earning her Bachelor of Arts in Worship Leadership.

Teaching Philosophy: Deborah cares for each of her students and wants to see them succeed. Recognizing that each student has different goals, she seeks to take them from where they are to wherever it is they desire to be. She knows that practice is what allows students to improve and is proud of any effort that her students put forth to become better at their instrument. Deborah also knows that enjoying an instrument is what allows a student to spend a lifetime playing. Because of that, Deborah encourages her students to practice the difficult things but also to take time to enjoy the parts of playing that are just fun.

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