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About Ellie Allen

Ellie grew up in a house of musicians. Her dad played the piano his whole life, and Ellie followed in his footsteps, starting classical piano lessons when she was in kindergarten. By the time she finished first grade, she had begun singing professionally with a girls' choir. In sixth grade, while reluctantly [perhaps bitterly] playing the violin, Ellie was given the opportunity to play the cello instead. She jumped at the chance and soon fell in love with her new instrument, which is now one of her favorites.

Ellie has a certificate in worship leadership and songwriting from Hillsong International Leadership College and a bachelor's degree in music business and vocal performance. She recently released her first album and is working on writing and recording her second.

Teaching Philosophy: Ellie is goofy, energetic and passionate. After having many great instructors herself, she now wants to inspire younger musicians. Ellie believes that in order to become a great musician, you must learn the foundations and core of music first. She works with each student in order to identify their strengths and weaknesses so that she can help highlight their natural talents.

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