Southlake Piano Lessons

Soar Music School has great piano teachers with a wide area of expertise. Whether working with the youngest beginner or most advanced adult student, we have a teacher to fit every student.

Just starting off playing piano? Our piano instructors can help you learn to play piano. Looking to make more sense out of what you already know? Our piano teachers can help you learn music theory. Looking to start playing with a band? Our instructors will help you improve at playing piano in a group setting. Even if you’ve been playing for years, we have teachers who are highly skilled and excited to make you a better pianist!

The music teachers at Soar Music School don’t just teach their students how to play the piano, they also teach their student how to practice. Students who practice regularly will find it easier to transition from beginner to intermediate or advanced levels.  The more you practice, the faster you progress.

Beginner Piano Lessons

We have an awesome lineup of piano teachers who match today’s premier music curriculums to the needs of each individual students. The teachers are able to customize every student’s learning experience based on their personal goals. They also work to make learning the piano a fun experience. Students who enjoy playing the piano will practice more and progress faster in their skills and knowledge of the piano.

Students starting piano lessons for beginners will learn about:
Notes on the piano | Music Theory | Scales and chords | Performance Guidelines

Intermediate to Advanced Piano Lessons

Learning doesn’t just end once a student becomes skilled at their instrument. Once a student reaches the intermediate or advanced level, we encourage students to take advantage of other services our school offers. From making recordings, to shooting music videos and stepping out to headline in your own concerts, the teachers at Soar Music School can help you become a well-rounded musician.

Students taking intermediate or piano lessons will learn about:
Chord Charting | Music Theory | Songwriting | Recording and Performance Guidelines

Band Program

Soar Music School also offers a band program which links pianists with other musicians in the school to form performing groups. Get the chance to put what you learn in your lesson to practical use. Learn how to work with other musicians on a variety of different instruments to create an awesome sound.