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Violin Lessons in Southlake TX

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Violin Teacher:
James Mahler
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Soar Music School Violin Lessons

Violin instructors at Soar Music School have worked with violin students of all ages and experience levels. Our violin teachers work with each student to set and help achieve their goals.

Our Southlake violin teachers will work hard to help you learn to play violin. Even if you already play violin, and want to improve, our instructors are qualified, professional musicians and can help you get better at playing violin.

Beginner Violin Lessons

Our violin teachers create their own original curriculums and make it available exclusively to their students. Their curriculum helps guide the lessons and helps to track progress. Violin instructors are able to change the style of lessons to best fit each student's goals.

If you start violin lessons for beginners will learn about:
Notes on the violin | Reading Music | Playing full songs

Music School Concerts

One of the best parts about be enrolled and playing violin at Soar Music School is the awesome quality of our concerts. Students of all ages and experience levels are welcome to take the stage at one of our events to show their new-found talents to their friends and families.

Intermediate to Advanced Violin Lessons

Students that practice more tend to get better much faster. Practice really is the key to improving! Our instructors encourage students and parents to practice at home. The more you practice, the more fun it is to play!

Once you're able to comfortably play full songs, a great thing to do is join a band! Our bands are comprised of students at similar skill levels. Click here to learn more about our band program and play violin in a band!

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