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Soar Music School is a ministry minded music school that offers music lessons for any style of music. It is a place for students to learn music as part of an exciting community. At Soar, students can learn, have fun working together, and celebrate their musical accomplishments. Our multifaceted approach has made us the highest rated provider of music lessons in North Texas since 2013.

Music Lessons and Media Classes

Our passion is equipping students with the musical and creative tools they need to create music and ministry. While our hearts are focused on ministry, we are very passionate about all music. We teach all styles and genres of music on every instrument. Our expert teachers provide lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced musicians. We offer lessons in guitar, piano, drums, voice, and bass. We've seen many students at Soar Music School make remarkable progress over time to become fantastic musicians.

We also offer media lessons so that students can learn to use Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, and build websites and YouTube channels. These skills allow students build on their musical talent with a complete package of music-related tools. They'll be able to produce videos, websites, and band artwork all on their own.

Bands and Videos

At Soar Music School, we believe it's important to create a community around music. Instead of simply learning through lessons, our students show and enjoy their skills in a variety of ways. In addition to individual lessons, we offer a band program.

We group student musicians by age and ability to ensure that bands work well together. Through the program, bands work on learning songs, crafting their performance, and creating great shows. We encourage bands to show their skills to family and friends with performances at school or at church.

School Concerts

We hold regular Soar Music School concerts, where all students are encouraged to perform and watch their friends perform. We also have opportunities for our students to create recordings and music videos of their songs. These opportunities are tons of fun and are also highly rewarding for students who have worked hard to develop their talents.

We find that having such a well-rounded experience is much more enjoyable for students and leads them to make far more progress in music. At Soar, we know that music isn't only a skill you learn; it can be an important part of your life and something you want to celebrate every day. We love getting to be a part of personal and musical growth!

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