Soar Music School is Connected to The Dove Church - 2380 Lonesome Dove Rd, Southlake, TX 76092

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2380 Lonesome Dove Rd.
Southlake, TX 76092

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Soar Music School in Southlake, TX

Soar Music School was created in 2013 at The Dove Church.  Since then, Soar and its teachers have been integral in raising up worship leaders for the Dove Church youth group.

Music lessons through Soar have musically trained the student worship leaders at The Dove Church.  Often those students get the opportunity to lead worship with the adult worship team on Sunday mornings. (That is such a cool opportunity!)

Media lessons through Soar trained students to create and manage live streams, sermon artwork, audio and video editing, and manage the sound for the worship team.

We exist to train up the next generation of musicians and worship leaders.  We are proud to be teaching music lessons in Southlake, TX to some of the best students anyone could ask for.

Finding A Great Music School in Southlake, TX

In order to really know how great a music school is, you should visit and meet the teacher.  We offer a Free Visit in order to be sure the student and teacher click.  Discuss goals and have a short music lesson to get fired up about where you’re headed.

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