One of the most exciting parts of taking music lessons at Soar is getting to join a band with other students. Bands are made up of students of similar age, styles, and experience. Some bands will play songs that are part of their normal lesson curriculum, while some may decide to play their own versions of popular songs, or even write their own totally original songs. Then students will get to perform as a band   These bands all form at our music school in Southlake, TX 76092.

Every band is different, so each student experiences something unique and original with their band. Students enjoy working with their band as a team, coming up with cool band logosrecording their songs, and performing together in front of their friends and families. Usually, the students and their families end up becoming great friends after working together over time on such a fun project.

Full Band Lessons in Southlake

Students are grouped together into bands by skill set and age. If students recently started learning to play a new instrument, the first few band lessons may be more of a warm up to playing, and an introduction to playing music in groups. Even students who are naturally shy tend to warm up to the idea of playing in front of people when they have a group of their close friends on stage with them. Playing music with other people really is one of the coolest and most fun parts of playing an instrument.

Some of what you’ll learn during band lessons  includes:
Getting to know mixers, speakers, and microphones | Playing with other musicians | Playing live

Band Photos, Videos and More!

An awesome extra part of band classes is that students in bands get to record songsshoot music videosdesign merchandise, and so much more. Bands get professional photo shoots, band websitesstickers, and posters. There really is no end to how much bands can accomplish at Soar Music School.

When the students are having fun and find ways to express themselves and their creativity, the bands are making so much more than just music. They’re making friendships and memories that last forever. The photos and videos these students receive make for a priceless time capsule of their experiences as musicians and people. It’s better than any yearbook you’ll ever receive!

Music School Concerts

Bands are the biggest and best part of each concert. At concerts, many students perform either alone, with a couple of teachers playing with them, or along with a recording. Every performance is fun and excitingbut when full student bands take the stage, there’s a different energy that comes out of the students and audience. A band is a lot of fun to watch, as all the students rely on each other as a team to pull off the awesome songs they’ve been practicing for weeks. Nothing makes a new student want to work harder than getting to see a full student band play at a concert.

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