We offer excellent private computer lessons in Southlake, TX 76092. From photo editing to music recording and YouTube Channel Creation, our media teachers are able to help you get better at using your computer. We can teach you how to use some of the most popular professional software, or we can teach you to use the media programs that came with your computer.

Southlake Photo Editing Lessons

The most popular software for editing photos and images is Photoshop. You can choose to purchase new software or use whatever media program is already installed on your computer. Our Photoshop teachers will show you the differences between the software you have and professional software to help you choose which software you’d like to use. We’re able to teach all skill levels, from absolute beginners to advanced artists needing Photoshop tutorials.

If you don’t have any experience working with photo editing software, you can look forward to learning these things pretty quickly:
Importing photos | Cropping | Image adjustments | Frames | Fixing photos

Southlake Video Editing Lessons

A lot of professional video editors use Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro to edit video. We love to teach about professional software, but we’re also able to help you learn to use the video editing software that is already on your computer.

We have video editing teachers who can help you decide if your software has everything you need, or they can help you find a new program to use. You can start learning to edit video without any experience at all, or you can come in for specific video editing tutorials in Southlake.
Some of the basic parts of video editing you can learn with beginner video editing classes are:
Importing videos | Trimming clips | Video effects | Stabilization | Exporting/Saving

Southlake Music Recording Lessons

The way music is recorded today is very different than the way it was done 10 years ago. We have recording teachers who can show you how to use professional gear or your own personal set up to record music. Learn to use Garage Band, Logic Pro, Adobe Audition & Pro Tools for recording. We love working with top of the line professional software, but we understand that’s not what everyone will be working with. We can teach you to use software that is already on your computer, or help you find software to fit your needs.

You’ll be building your portfolio while you learn. You can learn by recording your own music, or you can learn by recording other people at the school!

The first few things you’ll learn in music recording lessons are:
Connecting to the computer | Multi track recording | Audio effects and EQ