A Free Visit is the easiest way to see if you’ll love music lessons at Soar Music School!  We’re located inside The Dove Church in Southlake, TX.

If you love how your visit goes, we will schedule a regular weekly spot.

*We are currently completely full!  If you’d like to get on our wait list, please email your student’s name, age, and instrument interest and we will reach out as soon as something opens up.  Thanks so much! info@SoarMusicSchool.com




Music lessons are fun when the student and teacher click.  When a teacher isn’t a good fit, music lessons are boring and frustrating. In order to make sure we’re a great fit for you or your child, book a Free Visit to come by for 20-30 minutes to meet the teacher and have a quick lesson!

You don’t even need an instrument! Just show up ready to have fun and get fired up about learning to make music.  We can even help pick out the perfect instrument online.

What’s the Free Visit Like?

A Free Visit at Soar Music School is like Charlie Visiting the Chocolate Factory!  You won’t want to leave the studio once you see all the electronics, gadgets and toys.

You’ll get to play or sing, and see your instructor play or sing! We’ll get to know each other, discuss goals and what it what it will take to achieve those goals.  Additionally we can do a quick music lesson so you leave the visit equipped to practice something before your first official lesson.

Another great thing about the Free Visit is getting to see all the resources available at Soar Music School.  Music lessons really exist to get us ready to sing and play for friends and family.  One way we do that is recording in the studio and performing on stage at concerts!

We love connecting students with their church and finding a place for them to serve as a musician or tech crew member.  Many small churches are eager to recruit musical members to play with the worship team.  We take pride in equipping the next generation of worship leaders.

Students and parents typically know within the first 10 minutes that they’re hooked.  Once you decide to sign up for weekly music lessons, the real fun begins!

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